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“3 Simple Hacks Anyone Can Use To Pass-The-FPGEE Test And Go To Over $103,000.00 In U.S. Pharmacist Salary Right Now”…

Written by
FPGEE study
and team of 11 former test
takers who passed.

After years in school, tuition costs and time invested in your career, you can not afford to fail. Discover a fast, easy, step-by-step 'success system' 4,317 test takers used to achieve a passing score on the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency now.
You know, this is the most important exam in your life. The consequences of failure are financially brutal and emotionally devastating.

A lot of FPGEE test takers asked me for help, so I had to do something.

You probably heard people say: “I used several well-known FPGEE study guides from Amazon, Barnes and Noble”…
  • “However, I still felt I had 'blind spots' in my preparation.”

  • “When I took the exam the FPGEE test questions didn't relate to anything in those books.”

  • “I got 'blindsided' during the exam and failed.”
Now I don't have my licenseI can't get a job as a pharmacist in the U.S.”

Sad Fact: Over 5,937 people fail the FPGEE test each year. They're forced to postpone 'living their passion' working in this field.

They lose $5,000, $21,000, $53,000 (or more) in income by delaying their career. -That's money they can't afford to lose…and will never get back.

The Problem With Most FPGEE Study Guides…

  • Face it. The FPGEE exam is constantly changing. It gets updated several times per year…

    …However, most FPGEE books sold at Barnes and Noble and Amazon are out-of-date.

  • So called “New Editions” only consist of printing a new copyright date on the old book!

  • They ignore huge changes made on this exam in recent months. (Changes that must be reflected in your FPGEE study guides.)

  • Most FPGEE practice tests and books by 'big name' publishers don't cover the 'real exam.

    -That's disastrous on test day.

  • Huge 500 page FPGEE books are packed with filler material and fluff (that's not on the exam)…

    …Studying the WRONG content is a serious risk to your career.

  • Those 500 page FPGEE study guides are NOT user-friendly. They're 'mind-numbing' boring to read, frustrating to use and way more complex than necessary.
They just don't break down the exam in a way you can access the information and use it to pass-the-FPGEE test!

Why Many Fail The FPGEE And Delay Their Career…

  • Those FPGEE study guides don't give you any focus. It just paralyzes and demoralizes effective test preparation…

    NOT exactly the most direct route from where you are now to a passing score.

  • They have 'over-simplistic' FPGEE practice test questions and “oh so easy” study material that mislead you into a 'false sense of security.'
How's that?…
  • You see, FPGEE book publishers at Barnes and Noble and Amazon also sell thousands of other titles from SAT prep to cookbooks and romance novels.

  • They just don't specialize in the FPGEE exam.

  • They don't have a full-time, dedicated staff to write their FPGEE practice tests and study guides (for this test or any other they sell).

  • One day the corporate writer may be working on a cookbook or romance novel. The next day writing the FPGEE book from which your entire future depends!

  • Almost all name brand FPGEE study guides use an important sounding PH.D. or expert as the author to impress and sell more books.

  • Sadly, most/all the authorship is by ghostwriters who never took a course in this field….
Do we need to look any further into why so many test takers routinely fail this test and lose their dreams they worked so hard to achieve?

Why Former Test Takers To Help You Pass-The-FPGEE Test?

You see, my team consists of 11 former FPGEE test takers. Most are test prep professionals in private practice. I (Mark Dahlson) am a former college instructor and test prep consultant to universities.

5 years ago I decided to solve the problems created by books sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

My team and I created a “FPGEE Cheat-Sheet' that's as legally and ethically close to the 'real exam' as possible…

…So you stop risking your 'dream career.'

Others Learned The FPGEE The Hard-Way…(But You Don’t Have To!)

  • You don't have to risk your career studying for the most important exam in your life in 'trial and error' test prep.

  • You don’t have to 'break your brain' figuring-out how to pass-the-FPGEE in a maze of confusion and hair-yanking frustration.

  • You don't have to experience the humiliation of FPGEE failure and shame facing friends and family.

  • You don't have to give-up the 'dream career' you worked so hard to achieve.

  • You don't have to delay your career and lose thousands of dollars in income (you need).

It’s A Shame NOT To Pass-The-FPGEE When Our Test Takers Do It So Easily…
  • You see, we worked closely with over 4,317 FPGEE test takers over the last 5 years.

  • We took these case studies and documented what guarantees you pass-the-FPGEE (predictably over and over).

  • We injected these SECRETS into our FPGEE practice tests…

    …So you get EXACTLY what’ll turbo-boost your score to passing-level fastest and easiest.

  • These ‘Exam-Like’ FPGEE practice tests (and FULL answer explanations) actually teach-you-the-exam!

  • This program already helped over 4,317 pass-the-FPGEE test.

  • Each week we update this proprietary 'test success system'
…So you're GUARANTEED to have the most 'up-to-date' FPGEE practice test and study guide available for the newest version of this exam!

What My Previous Clients Say…

“Showed Me Where I Was My Weak And Got Me A Passing FPGEE Score”

FPGEE practice “Your FPGEE practice tests gave me the ‘heads-up’ in my weak areas. Your preparation materials reflected content and types of questions I saw on the real exam.”

“My friends got the typical ‘big name’ prep books. They ‘went through the standard motions’ to prepare. (Many of them failed.) You gave me a recipe to follow which helped me study only what's known to appear on this test.”

-Dave Johnson

“This FPGEE Practice Test Gave Me Confidence And Testing Competence”

FPGEE practice questions “I didn't have to go back and read thousands of pages in study guides that just duplicated textbooks I bought/read in school.”

“Your success formula helped me 'out think' the traps on an exam where almost anything is ‘fair game.' Your FPGEE practice questions helped me pass.”

-Sandy Barnes

“Helped My Test Anxiety”

FPGEE practice tests “I found your FPGEE sample questions fresh and updated. I’m glad someone can make new updates for exam changes!”

“I never thought these practice tests for the FPGEE would help my horrible test anxiety and improve my testing performance. Once I got into real prep I found there are a lot of things that nobody else has the knowledge or experience to tell you. So your Test Coaching and consulting did help me get ‘squared away’ on what content to focus-on. I was able to get a passing score without having to take this exam over and over again.”

“Where else am I going to get help by former test takers – a book?”

-Nick Ugette

“I Was Running-Out Of Time”

FPGEE practice tests “Each time I took this exam I seemed to be moving further and further away from getting a passing score. Before I used your preparation materials, I missed a passing by a lot of points. The full answer explanations in the answer key are better than a traditional FPGEE study guide. Therefore, your FPGEE practice test questions served as a helpful tutorial to learn exam content. It broke down the content so I could learn it quickly in a fun and interactive way. I got the bona-fide test content for my exam, I passed 3 weeks later.”

-Alice Faye Toler

“I Didn’t Think This FPGEE Test Practice Was For Me”

FPGEE test practice “This is my calling. My biggest barrier to getting a passing score was being a bad test taker.”

“At first, I didn’t believe your test prep materials were for me. I thought I needed a ‘study guide’ not ‘FPGEE practice tests.’ On the surface I didn’t see how practice questions would help me much. However, it wasn’t long before I realized ‘active learning’ with FPGEE practice exam questions would help me learn the content faster. Plus, improve my ability to take the test better than just reading study guides.”

“I’m more of a ‘do-it-yourselfer.’ I didn’t think the Test Coaching was going to help me. However, critical prep questions about the test content came up. I decided to try your exam mentoring. ALL my questions got answered promptly and to high quality standards. I believe this positively impacted my score some weeks later. I wanted to make a real plan vs. just winging it which your Test Coaching service really helped me do.”

-Mrs. Julie F. Magday

“I Wasn’t Sure What Content To Focus On In My FPGEE Prep”

FPGEE study “I want to help people live better. I also needed to create a better future for myself. I graduated 2 years ago and was getting very frustrated with the test because I failed it 5 times. I almost gave up on my dream career.”

“Every FPGEE study guide I bought took my preparation in the wrong direction. None accurately reflected the real test (what I finally figured-out after failing).”

“Your practice tests for the FPGEE helped me narrow-down all the bewildering test content. I was able to focus studying only on what the real test covers. Thanks for helping me finally pass the FPGEE exam.”

-Kellie Brown Grider

“Your FPGEE Study Material Was Similar To The Test”

FPGEE study “I moved from job to job and finally have settled on this career. My reason to succeed on the test is for 3 purposes: 1.) I really want a ‘career’ not a job, 2.) it’s important to find something you really like to do and make a difference) and 3.) I needed to do well on this test to reach my goals in life.”

“I’ve always been a bad test taker. I also take exams slow and have trouble answering all questions before time runs out. Your FPGEE practice tests and study guide helped improve my exam performance. I reduced my test anxiety and learned to better pace myself.”

“Since your program taught me the genuine test content, it helped speed me up. You, see, I stopped mulling over test questions and answers for so long because I knew the answers!”

-Sonya Shearer
How ‘Exam-Like’ FPGEE Practice Tests Make You Pass Faster And Easier…
  • FPGEE study guideYou learn the exam content and competencies
    in the same medium it’ll be tested. (FPGEE exam questions!)

  • Get dramatically better at taking the FPGEE (NOT reading more books).

  • Real FPGEE practice (taking this exam) EXPLODES your score to passing-level much quicker than anything else.

    -Even if you’ve always been a bad test taker!

  • Rapidly absorb real FPGEE test content ‘like a sponge.’

  • ‘Hands on’ learning (with FPGEE practice tests) ‘nails-the-test-material-to-your-brain’ WITHOUT effort.

  • ‘Active learning’ with FPGEE practice questions and FULL answer explanations helps master all content 2-5 times quicker.

  • You actually retain the test info much longer in your brain (until your exam day).

  • Interactive FPGEE practice tests dramatically ramps-up your ability to retrieve the information (you studied) during your exam!…

    …So you increase your amount of correct answers.

  • NOT “just FPGEE practice tests”

  • The full answer explanations are a 'complete' FPGEE study guide
    (to master all the material).

  • You discover why correct answers are right/why incorrect answers are wrong.

    -This style of FPGEE study guide is tremendously more effective than anything else!

  • ‘Quick and easy’ lessons reveal the entire theory, facts and/or best practice behind each correct answer.

  • Tutorials in the answer key give clear rationales why the incorrect answers are wrong…

    So you know the required content knowledge 'inside and out.'

  • You easily tackle similar test questions on the actual exam. (Even if they’re angled a different way on testing day!)

  • See the format, structure, wording and types of FPGEE questions you'll face
    (with 100% crystal-clarity).

    -Obviously, the testing center is the WRONG place to get acquainted with tricky wording/structure of REAL questions for the first time!

  • Break test anxiety BEFORE it kills your career…

    …Taking FPGEE practice questions over and over in simulated testing conditions crushes text anxiety. -It reconditions your nervous system.

  • You stop 'blanking-out' during the exam.

    You know, when you're familiar with the EXACT content, types of questions and structure of answer choices…Panic and mental blocks are thing of the past!

  • Use your ‘Exam-Like’ FPGEE practice tests as an assessment tool to reveal your current test score.

  • Use this 'jaw dropping' information to pinpoint your weak areas.

  • Finally, rip-off your blinders …Beef-up your low areas (while you still have time).

  • Guarantee you ‘plug-all-the-leaks’ (mistakes you don’t know you’re making) BEFORE your exam day.

  • Crank-up your ability to apply your knowledge to REAL test questions…

    …That is, the EXACT skill you need to practice in order to pass-the-FPGEE test!
Why? Because just knowing the FPGEE test material is NOT enough to get a passing score!

What Else Do You Get?…
  • FPGEE study guideYou stop preparing for the most important exam of
    your life by ‘trial and error.’

  • End guessing the types of questions you face.

    -The consequences of failure isn't worth it.

  • Stop 'flying blind' in your FPGEE test prep.

    You see, no matter how long/hard you prepare, if you study the wrong material (that’s NOT on your exam), it's game over.

  • You get a ‘sneak peek’ BEFORE walking into the exam for an 'instant unfair' advantage.

  • Gain a ‘laser beam-like’ FOCUS (ONLY on what’s tested).

  • Your FPGEE practice tests are hyper-focused only on what you need to pass (with sniper-like accuracy).

  • Save massive test prep time:

    -All the time-wasting, long winded jibber-jabber, “throat-clearing” info has been removed from this program.

    -“Filler content” and fluff (that's NOT on the actual exam) was axed from this FPGEE practice test.

  • NOT ANOTHER 500-page FPGEE book that’s a ‘brain dump’ of overwhelming, generic academic info.

    Who has time to read all that?

  • End studying for days for the just the chance of covering an actual exam question!

  • You get ONLY the framework the official site clearly outlines is tested (with razor-sharp precision)…
…No general academic content or generic info. ONLY what's really on the exam!

Even More Benefits?…
  • FPGEE study guideEven if you failed 1-3 times: ‘Exam-Like’ FPGEE practice tests help you go from shame, humiliation and admission setbacks to quickly achieving a competitive score.

  • How to reset your 'internal failing mechanism' before it’s too late. (That is, invisible barriers blocking you from a passing score.)

    -Don’t miss this one!

  • Dramatically speeds-up slower test takers like a ‘cattle prod…So they learn to pace themselves, answer questions correctly and finish the exam before time runs-out.

  • Poor test takers explode their ability/skill in taking this exam. (Finally break through this obstacle to living your passion.)

  • SAVE Money 1: This is a “one stop shop” for all your FPGEE prep needs. Everything you need to succeed on this test is right here. You shouldn't need to buy more books or take prep classes.

  • SAVE Money 2: Because you pass the first-time, NOT lose hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars failing…like cheaper, mass produced FPGEE study guide books.

    -You ONLY pay for this program if it helps you pass-the-FPGEE test! If not, you get a 100% Money Back Refund.

  • 100% Updated Each Week!

    -Therefore, you're GUARANTEED to get the most 'up-to-date' FPGEE practice tests and study guides currently available on the market…
Whose FPGEE study guide would you rather use?

free online FPGEE prep study resources free online FPGEE prep study resources
What’s Your 'Dream Career' Worth To You?…

You’ll agree, if you don't pass the FPGEE, you lost may have lost your 'dream career' and hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.

You’re launching a career that gives you everything you need to be happy, secure and successful in life.

This test is the ONLY obstacle standing in your way.

So, it could easily be worth $5,000 or more to pass the FPGEE.

The Most 'Life-Ruining' Cost Is Working At A Job You Hate For The Rest Of Your Life

You ONLY have to invest 4 hours and 21 minutes using these ‘Exam-Like’ FPGEE Practice Tests to crank-up your score to passing-level.

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Are you still waiting to take action?

My 100% Satisfaction And Pass-The-FPGEE Test, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

FPGEE practice guide FPGEE sample questions

‘Exam-Like’ FPGEE Practice Tests have helped so many people that I’m betting it'll work for you too…

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Put these 'exclusive' FPGEE practice questions to the test. Use the 'test-teaching' lessons to pass the FPGEE and make your 'dream-life' a reality. All the risk is on me!

No weasel clauses or hidden meanings here.

If you’re not happy then neither are we. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied or don’t get a passing score just contact customer service and I by email. My friendly staff and I will cheerfully return your money and we’ll still be friends. That’s it.

But wait…there’s more.

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Get The Edge

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  • Leverage the power of your sub-conscious mind to conquer this exam in only 4 minutes per day.

  • Cut free the sub-conscious bonds that hold you back from test success. How to breakthrough test taking obstacles by exposing this test's vulnerable, soft underbelly.

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FPGEE® Peak Performance Test Taking Strategies
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  • Even if you failed the FPGEE test 1-3 times and your confidence is in the gutter…A covert technique reveals how you can end the downward spiral right now.

  • How to win in the psychological battle before walking into your exam.

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Forbidden Psychological
FPGEE® Test Taking Tactics”

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  • No BS, not more generic, cookie-cutter test prep tips.

  • Controversial tactics that expose 'how to rip through your exam like a test taking green beret.' – Use this as an insurance policy if everything goes wrong on your exam date.

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You know there’s a lot of competition for the most lucrative and interesting jobs in this field. Don’t drag yourself through the ringer with endless applications and stressful interviews only to wonder why you're getting rejected over and over…
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  • Get your hands on this before your competition does now.

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as seen on another website
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Yes, through a special agreement I'm also giving you my competitor's FPGEE practice test and prep book…But, I'm not permitted to say which competitor friend. You'll see it yourself when you get it now.

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“FREE 7 Days Of
FPGEE® Test Coaching, Tutoring
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Unlike commonly-used FPGEE study guides on the market, I don’t believe in giving my practice exams then leave you to fend for yourself.
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  • If you act right now, you get a FULL 7 days of FREE test prep tutoring, consulting and advice by former FPGEE test takers and I. (Developers of these FPGEE practice tests.)

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WARNING: Stir clear of major FPGEE book providers who sell paper study guides. (Those FPGEE study guides are 1-4 years out of date.)

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If you have to start over from scratch, begin weeks/months of test preparation again due to failure, you’ll never get that time back…

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P.S. You saw this is NOT “just a FPGEE practice test,” not just a tutor or another study guide.

These 'eye-opening,' FULL answer explanations “teach-you-the-test” content (like a FPGEE study guide). However, this tool is 2-5 times more effective in helping you get a passing score.

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BEFORE you send a message to our FPGEE prep trainers whose time is currently devoted to registered clients: Please read each line above where the answer can be found.

1.) “Is it really as good as you say?”

You saw the Money Back guarantee. If it's not as good as I say or you don't pass, you get your money back.

This isn't a 'fly by night' website run by internet marketers. It's not another “outdated” FPGEE book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble written by “so called experts” who never took the test they're teaching you about.

My team and I are former FPGEE test takers and have been full-time professional test prep developers for over 14 years.

Your only risk is not using this.

2.) You say: I don't want FPGEE practice tests. I need to learn the material.”

You know by now, the FULL answer explanations actually 'teach you the content/material” much better than a study guide. Active learning in same medium of the exam (test questions) helps you learn the information much quicker and retain it longer (until test day)!

The FPGEE test requires you to show you can APPLY your knowledge to various applications. — You ONLY develop this testing skill/increase your number of correct answers on the actual test by taking “FPGEE practice test questions”…NOT by reading more books!

free online FPGEE prep study resources free online FPGEE prep study resources
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You know, fireworks won't come flying out of this computer screen. I won't do backward summersaults.

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Continuing to search more test prep websites and just fantasizing about a successful future NEVER helped anyone pass the FPGEE and advance their career.

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